Summer 2020

It all started in the summer of 2020 in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, where everyone was stuck at home and practicing social distancing. For parents, it was a blessing as they finally got to spend more time with their family as they work from home. For kids, it was the second thing closest to hell, because being stuck at home means minimal social life and constant nagging from parents. For someone who just graduated from college, let’s just say it’s a crisis and an opportunity.

BEAN + grounds was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from all ages who believe in the value of individuality. We believe that everyone is different and that these differences should be celebrated instead of being used as means to discriminate one another and create segregation. The fact that everyone is different means that everyone has a different taste and preference, yet, we see it far too often that one single blend is being served to who knows how many people in a restaurant or at home.

“People who drink black coffee are found to be more patient and straightforward yet more resistant to change”. We can tell a lot about a person just by looking into their coffee preference and this is why we believe everyone should have their own personal blend, where they share a certain level of intimacy with its creation through an interactive collaboration.

As a micro-roastery, we are bold to experiment with different beans and combinations with the sole intention to create distinct and creative flavor notes that we have yet to try. We roast, grind and blend everything ourselves just to ensure you get to enjoy the finest and that it will be your cup of tea -- sorry, coffee I meant.